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Drone Racing Goes Micro

May 17, 2017

DR1 and Air Hogs partner for new drone racing series
There are many opinions about what needs to happen to make drone racing great — bigger drones, faster drones, cooler venues, more accessibility and greater audience reach just to name a few. After bursting onto the scene last summer and then going somewhat quiet, drone racing league DR1 is now taking a … small-minded approach. And we don’t mean that in a bad way.

DR1 Racing and R/C manufacturer Air Hogs have partnered to launch a new series of drone races featuring micro drones — the DR1 Micro Series. The races will feature the Air Hogs Official DR1 Race Drone, measuring only 2 inches in diameter, which will be publicly available to consumers in August of this year.

The DR1 announcement comes after the DRL’s reveal of its new racing drone, the Racer3. DR1’s founder, Brad Foxhoven, explained that the move to micro drones was, in part, to democratize the sport. After all, larger classes of drones tend to be more expensive and harder to fly.

“This is revolutionary for the sport of drone racing. These drones can be flown by anyone, anywhere,” Foxhoven said is a press release. “We think this can be the catalyst that brings this high intensity sport of drone racing to the masses.”

And it seems as though DR1 has taken a page out of DRL’s playbook of elaborate racecourses. The first race of the DR1 series took place on the set of the cult-classic sci-fi TV show, Firefly. Hopefully it won’t be long before drones are zipping through recreations of the Millennium Falcon.

DR1 is banking on micro drones to boost the popularity of the sport — but will it be enough? Check out the May/June 2017 issue of Drone360 magazine to find out what’s stopping drone racing from making it mainstream.