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Humans and Aliens Coexist in This Drone Music Video

April 17, 2017

Chillwave and extraterrestrials are a perfect mix
Musician Syre uses drone technology to showcase a world where humans and aliens coexist in his new (and first-ever) music video. What first appears to be an abandoned and barren desert landscape quickly transitions into eerie shots of alien architectures.

Syre worked closely with his father, Dmitry Burenok of Big Wave Productions, to create this otherworldly video.  In order to make the environment alien-esque, Syre recruited a friend to capture drone footage and had his dad create the aliens and other strange elements with his 3D art and CGI skills.

As to the final look of the video, Syre says he had a specific locale in mind. “We were very inspired by the idea of making a video that looks like found-footage of Area 51,” he explains. The alien theme seems popular in drone-shot music videos, like the one for Rihanna’s song “Sledgehammer.”

He also discusses the various points of view in the video — either coasting along the desert road in a car, or sailing through the skies. He says the use of two cameras “gives multiple points of view of this world and makes it seem more real.”

Syre says he’ll definitely be using drones in future music videos, exploring different ways to use the technology. He’s excited for the development of drones with even higher image resolutions — “Then we're really gonna see some unique footages from rarely seen places on the planet,” he says.

You can find more of Syre’s music on his Soundcloud account.