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Oreo's Favorite Drone

March 7, 2017

Oreo and Aerobo partner to drone-dunk cookies
When it comes to dunking delicious Oreo cookies, everyone has their unique method. Whether you like a long soak or a quick dip, we all know that Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie. To celebrate Oreo’s 105th birthday and National Oreo Day (March 6), the company decided to try a new kind of signature dunk — with drones.

On a barge on New York City’s East River, hundreds of cups of milk laid in wait for the aerial cookie assault that would soon befall them. A team of pilots from Aerobo, a New York-based drone company, piloted five DJI Inspire drones equipped with one Oreo and an Oreo-dropping mechanism — as well as two more drones to capture those great aerial shots.

In a creative twist, the drones themselves were also costumed as Oreos. A giant Oreo betraying a smaller Oreo to its certain dairy doom? All in good fun, I suppose.

One of the drones dropped its cookie payload, sending it tumbling through the air and into the milky abyss below. A satisfying slow-mo camera captured the ensuing splash of milk as the Drone Dunk was completed. Chalk up another obscure drone first.

"We've flown smoke bombs and beers, soft drinks and White Girl Rosé, but with 7 drones in the air at the same time, Oreo was a fun and challenging project that was a slam dunk," Aerobo said in a Facebook post.

The drone spectacle is linked to a contest encouraging followers to post pictures of their most impressive Oreo dunks on social media for the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles or New York. If you’re going to try your own Drone Dunk, please fly safely.