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Drone Captures Destruction of Kansas Wildfire

March 10, 2017

Wildfire in two Kansas counties is largest in state history
The wildfire burning in two Kansas counties is the largest in state history, according to the AP. There are reportedly large grass fires in 23 Kansas counties and wildfires in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado, too. Much of the scorched land belongs to ranchers, leaving their livestock and fields destroyed (as shown in the above video). One hard hit area is Comanche County.

Jonah Sowa, production assistant for Kiowa County (just north of Comanche) Media Center, wanted to help tell the story of the Kansas Fires the best way he knew how ― with his drone. So he flew his DJI Phantom 2, capturing the “desolate, scorched, and very quiet” land the flames left behind.

“ […] telling the story of something this large is hugely attributed to drone photography and the courtesy of others allowing UAVs to fly over their land,” Sowa said in an email.