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Does This Pocket Drone Actually Fit in Your Pocket?

March 14, 2017

We put it in a bunch of pockets to find out
Drone manufacturers are working to make their technology smaller and more portable — to the point where many claim you can put a drone in your pocket. Have you thought about buying a pocket drone? What the hell does “pocket drone” mean, anyway?

Well, the Dobby from ZeroTech is a portable and fun drone that’s full of cool features like palm-landing and orbit. But one thing that nagged at us was that it’s described as a “pocket drone” — except that there’s no way it fits in all the pockets. So the staff of Drone360 did what any normal group of people would do: We shoved Dobby into as many different pockets as we could find to see if it truly earns the title of “pocket drone”.

Here are the dimensions for the Dobby, so you can see what we're working with:

5.3 inches long x 2.6 inches wide x 1.44 inches tall


5.3 inches long x 5.7 inches wide x 1.44 inches tall

Keep your eyes on ZeroTech. The company is coming out with more drones (Will there be more pocket drones drones? Who knows.), including one that bears a striking resemblance to DJI's Mavic Pro.

You can see a full review of the Dobby drone in the March/April 2017 issue of Drone360 magazine, which hits newsstands March 21.