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Drone Video Showcases Natural Beauty of Switzerland

July 15, 2016

This film leaves you wanting more
Due to the high elevation of the mountains, the drone often lost GPS signal.
Ole Borgmeier/Lucas Dominicus
Switzerland is often associated with lofty peaks and natural beauty. This drone video, Beyond The Mountains, upholds these common thoughts.

Ole Borgmeier and Lucas Dominicus, two drone pilots from Spectair Media in Germany, headed to Switzerland to capture its mountainous terrain from above. But getting the right shots in the Alps wasn’t an easy feat.

Borgmeier, creative director at Spectair, says the high peaks often caused their drone to lose GPS signal. However, thanks to planning shots and flights prior to turning on the drone, all the flights went smoothly. They shot with a DJI Inspire 1 and Zenmuse X5R camera gimbal.

To reach those GPS-dropping heights, the pair laced up their hiking boots. For one destination, they walked up a mountain for nearly two hours, carrying about 40 pounds of equipment each, to capture aerial shots of Göscheneralpsee ― a natural reservoir resting at roughly 6,000 feet above sea level.

“After 45 minutes, we recognized that the way was more difficult [than] we thought, and the 40 pounds felt like 100 pounds on our backs,” says Borgmeier.
Ole Borgmeier/Lucas Dominicus
When the long trek came to an end ― and after the expected cursing at the heavy equipment ― the pair made it to Bergseehütte (the hut where they were staying the night). But to their dismay, the hut only had one power source and a weak power grid. This meant they didn’t have enough power to charge all the batteries, laptops, iPads, and other electronic gear they packed up the mountain.

However, with four batteries charged and a limited amount of memory, they laughed it off and managed to capture some spectacular shots.
Drone: DJI Inspire 1
Camera Gimbal: Zenmuse X5R
Of all the breathtaking views in the film, Borgmeier’s favorite scene when filming was at 1:19 ― when the train is climbing the mountain.  

“Our location to control the drone was on a mountain crest, and we had an amazing view,” he says. And to top it off, the pair saw some majestic ibex while shooting that footage.

After four days of filming, Borgmeier and Dominicus entered the postproduction phase, which took about seven days. Score Squad helped the pair with music and sound.

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