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Calving Iceberg Captured in Epic Drone Video

June 18, 2015

An iceberg falls apart off the coast of Canada in dramatic fashion

Very few people ever witness the moment an iceberg collapses, and even fewer catch the whole event on camera — from the air.

Thanks to a steady-handed teenager flying his drone off the southern coast of Labrador in Canada, we now have a stunning aerial perspective of this powerful event, which is technically called "calving."

And here’s the real kicker: It was pilot Kelan Poole’s first drone flight over the ocean, CBCNews reports

Poole shot the video in an area around Newfoundland and Labrador known as “Iceberg Alley.” Every year, as summer heats up, myriad icebergs drift along the coastline of Canada’s easternmost edge, inspiring tourists to paddle or hike through the area to view the oceanic ice cubes.