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Startup Takes Advantage of Emerging UAS Laws

Idronect develops a one-stop-shop for drone management in Belgium

February 2, 2016

The Belgian federal government, acting through Minister of Mobility Jacqueline Galant, is finalizing a royal decree to legalize private and commercial drone use.

To get out in front of the new laws, Idronect released a demo version of its new UAV management system. Developed in conjunction with the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority, Idronect’s software allows pilots to prepare flights, evaluate risk, perform safety checks, and log flight data in real time. It also gives authorities the ability to assess and approve flights efficiently. The system also provides schools and other sensitive areas the ability to use geofencing to restrict their airspace.

Expected to go into effect in April, Belgium’s new UAS legislation allows drone flights up to 30 meters (just under 100 feet) for private users and up to 90 meters (nearly 200 feet) for professional operators.  Private users will not need a license to fly, but professional drone pilots will need to pass a medical and practice exam, demonstrate flight knowledge, and fly at least two hours (six flights) per year to retain licensure.

It seems Idronect’s angle is to provide UAV fliers a one-stop-shop for registration and management needs. It’s unclear whether the Belgian government is supporting the program as the preferred means to fly legally. However, Idronect has its sights set on bringing similar services to other countries.

Head to the Idronect website to learn more about the management system, and read the press release for more information on the legislation.
Featured image: Idronect