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ThinkTank FPV Helipak

Customize your compartments to fit all your gear 👌

August 30, 2017

  • Available: ThinkTank
  • Cost: $149.75
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
Drones can be delicate, temperamental machines that need special attention during transport. The ThinkTank FPV Airport Helipak is a versatile bag that can fit all of your FPV multirotor gear. It has thick padding and waist buckles that make this bag very comfortable, even when loaded up with all of my equipment.

This bag is a great option for a quick evening session at the local park, but it is also the perfect size for carry-on luggage if you need to fly to a race or take your quads on vacation.
Bill Zuback
A mobile home for my drone

On the outside of the bag, there are plenty of loops to strap down gear and a stretchy side pocket on each side to hold a water bottle, phone, car keys, or even a tripod or small folding chair. The outside cover features a zipper pocket with a laptop slot (fits up to 15 inches), ID pocket, keychain clip, and another big, touch-fastener-sealed pocket. Move to the inside of the bag and you’ll find two zippered mesh pockets where I like to keep a handful of zip ties, battery straps, and various cables and cords.

Once I got all of my gear, spare parts, tools, and extra batteries packed and my quad strapped to the outside of the bag, I was ready to hit the field. I unclipped my quad, flipped open the bag, and I had everything I needed in front of me for an afternoon of flying. My gear was neatly compartmentalized and ready to grab whenever I needed it. It also made the perfect bag for a weekend road trip that included flying. Since most of my flying is done at parks near my home, I only pack the essentials so I can fit a spare quad inside with the props on.

The ThinkTank FPV Airport Helipak is a fantastic gear bag for the FPV pilot who wants to make sure everything they need to fly is just one zip away. It offers flexible options that allow you to customize the bag for different situations — from a daily gear bag to carry-on luggage for travelers. It even includes a rain cover, which can be stretched over the outside to ensure that your drone doesn’t get damp if you get caught in some showers.
All of the zippers and other materials are of great quality and should hold up to the wear and tear of outdoor use over time — so get out and fly!
Featured image: Bill Zuback