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New Hangar 360 App Makes it Easy to Shoot Panoramic Drone Photos

Oh, and it's free

April 20, 2017

The new Hangar 360 app makes it easy to shoot panoramic drone photos. The free app is made by Hangar, which is a startup building an automated platform for drones in industry, and automatically shoots and stitches 360 drone images.

While the photos certainly look impressive, manually creating 360 photos with a drone can be exhausting. To put it simply, you have to make sure to shoot full rings of images at different camera pitches and then stitch those overlapping images together using PC software, like Kolor’s Autopano. It takes a significant amount of time — and definitely tests your patience.

But Hangar 360 makes creating 360 drone images more accessible and less complicated. The app autonomously flies your drone to 300 feet, captures the necessary images, and sends those shots to Hangar for processing. The company then hosts your complete 360 image online — which is nice, since these photos tend to take up a good bit of space. Since it’s 2017 and most people have an online presence, you will be able to share your photos with friends via a link or straight to Facebook.

"It is by far the most convenient way to create and share 360 degree images by a drone.” said Jim McAndrew, CTO of Hangar and founder of Autoflight Logic, an autonomous flight engine acquired by Hangar earlier this year.

There are other apps like Litchi and DronePan that automate taking 360 photos with your drone and stitching them together, but Hangar 360 appears to be the first to automate flying to a set altitude.

Currently, the Hangar 360 app is only available for iOS and supports only DJI products: Phantom 3 (Standard, 4k, Advanced, Pro), Phantom 4 (buy one while you can!), Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro, and Mavic Pro.

This app is just another indication that 2017 is truly the year of drone software.

Featured image: YouTube/Hangar