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Intel Drones Performed at Coachella

April 18, 2017

From Lady Gaga to The xx, Intel dominates live shows
Of course the Intel Shooting Star drones performed during the first weekend of Coachella, a popular music and arts festival that takes place in the California desert each year. The festival is known for grandiose visual displays, huge crowds, and trendy demographic, so it only made sense that Intel would take its aerial light show there.

Indie pop band The xx closed its Coachella set on Saturday night with a drone light show consisting of hundreds of drones, according to the LA Times. Throughout the performance, Intel’s Shooting Star drones flew in numerous complex formations, wowing onlookers — just watch the video below. The Shooting Star drones also performed before Lady Gaga, Radiohead, and Kendrick Lamar took the stage, too.

300 drones took to the sky Weekend 1. Drones powered by @intel, presented by @hp #hpcoachella #inteldrones

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It should come as no surprise that Intel, in collaboration with HP, flew the drones at Coachella. Intel has been at the forefront of drone light shows, even nabbing Guinness World Records for flying 100 drones, and then 500 drones, simultaneously.

The last time we saw the Intel Shooting Star drones was during Lady Gaga’s TV performance of this year’s halftime Super Bowl performance. Drones and Lady Gaga just seem to go together now: Is Gaga making the Shooting Stars her little monsters? It sure seems that way, and we’re totally OK with that.

This may mark the largest audience yet for Intel’s live drone performances — remember, that Super Bowl light show was pre-recorded. Last year, Coachella’s average daily attendance clocked in at 99,000 festival-goers, and this year the maximum attendance was raised to 126,000. That’s a lot of eyes on Intel and its drones.

Yes, the video at the top of this page aptly says "Run for your life!" but it appears that, overall, the Intel drone show at Coachella was well received: