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Hover Camera Passport Drone Now Sold Exclusively at Apple Stores

It joins the ranks of DJI, Parrot, and GoPro drones

April 13, 2017

The Hover Camera Passport, a foldable drone with autonomous capabilities, is now available exclusively at Apple stores. Officially launched just last year, the drone by Zero Zero Robotics joins the ranks of drones by big-name producers like DJI, Parrot, and GoPro that Apple also sells in-store.

At .53 pounds, the Hover Camera doesn’t require its owners to register with the FAA (only drones that weigh between .55 and 55 pounds need to be registered) in order to fly it. For comparison, it weighs less than other portable drones like the Yuneec Breeze, DJI Mavic Pro, and ZeroTech Dobby. When folded, the drone is 7.16 inches long, 5.19 inches wide, and 1.29 inches tall.

More and more companies are creating small, portable drones that don’t skimp on advanced tech. And the Hover Camera is no exception — the fact that Apple’s selling it speaks volumes about the drone’s capabilities and functions. Using face and body recognition, it can autonomously follow its users and take up to 4K video and 13-megapixel images.  It includes functions for group photos, 360 spin, orbit, and gesture control. Zero Zero Robotics also announced that it has an updated user interface and now features automated media editing.

The Hover Camera drone retails for $499.96 and comes with:
  • The Hover Camera Passport aircraft
  • 2 batteries (the company must have taken note from the Yuneec Breeze)
  • A carrying case
  • A charger and adapter
  • A bag
In case you’re wondering, Apple recommends the Hover Camera for “capturing stunning videos and photos of yourself, family, and friends.” You can buy the drone at Apple stores or online.
Featured image: YouTube/Hover Camera