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Check Out the Drone Racing League’s New Drones

Even if you're not a racer, you'll appreciate this slick new machine

April 6, 2017

The Drone Racing League (DRL), arguably one of the most notable drone racing organizations, has released a new racing drone: the DRL Racer3.

Built by in-house engineers, DRL’s new Racer3 drone has a carbon-fiber frame, weighs just 900 grams (about 1.9 pounds), and has 16 pounds of thrust.  It comes with 6-inch tri-blade props and can zoom up to 85 mph.  While 85 mph is certainly impressive, the drones will likely never reach that speed during actual DRL races — winding turns slow down even the most nimble of pilots and those little drones would be incredibly hard to spot at that speed.

Unfortunately, the Racer3 drone isn’t available for purchase — and, according to a DRL rep, won’t be any time soon. Instead, this drone will only be flown by DRL pilots throughout the 2017 Season and in the Allianz World Championship, which airs June 20 on ESPN. Oh, one more exciting thing: With a fleet of more than 500 Racer3 drones, it seems DRL has planned for crashes (you know you love to watch drones crash).

For those interested in more Racer3 specs:
  • Carbon-fiber frame
  • Goes from 0-80 mph in less than one second
  • Top speed: 85 mph
  • Weight: 900 grams (about 1.9 pounds)
  • Flight control: F3 + Spi Mpu6000 + Betaflight
  • High voltage powertrain
  • Diffused polycarbonate shell
  • 210 RGB LED lights
  • 16 pounds of thrust
  • 6-inch tri-blade props
  • Internal long range radios
Featured image: DRL