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The ‘Droman’ Candle

August 17, 2015

The list of productive things you can do with a drone is seemingly endless; unfortunately, so too is the list of stupid things. And standing triumphantly at the top of that stupid list are these guys.

In a flood of creativity, two guys got together and decided to strap Roman candles onto a drone and take it for a spin. But piloting a hovering pyrotechnic show wasn’t enough for these horribly bored individuals. To take it up a notch, each daredevil served as a human target, sprinting and dodging volleys of burning gunpowder through an open field.

Fortunately, someone was smart enough to suggest wearing a helmet (which was also equipped with a camera), because a few rounds from the Roman candles were dead-on headshots.

The idea was conceived and filmed “after a few” during a summer day at the cottage in Canada. We can only imagine how many “a few” actually was.

Their video opens with the warning, “Beware of Drones.” However, it isn’t drones that should worry you, it’s these guys.

Featured image: YouTube, Pierogram