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About Drone360

We want to inform our customers and followers about a change for Drone360. Although the magazine has gained strong recognition and visibility among a passionate core audience of drone enthusiasts, that audience has not grown at the anticipated pace. For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to close the magazine. The September-October issue now being delivered to homes and newsstands will be our last publication.

But we’re not going away!

Drone360 began as a blog on the website of Discover magazine, our sister publication, and was one of the top traffic generators for that site. We will be returning home to DiscoverMagazine.com, and you’ll still be able to find us here at our usual URL: Drone360mag.com. Come join us there. We’ll continue to report and comment on drone technology and use, and on what it means for you. If you’re not yet a subscriber to the Discover e-newsletter, you can sign up to receive occasional news and updates from us about the science and technology breakthroughs that are changing our world. Sign up now at DiscoverMagazine.com.

Are you a Drone360 magazine subscriber? You will receive Discover magazine for the remainder of your subscription, starting with the December issue. If you’re already a Discover magazine subscriber, your current Discover subscription will be extended for as many issues remaining on your Drone360 subscription. You can contact customer service here: Drone360@customersvc.com.

We thank you for your support of Drone360 magazine.

– The Drone360 Team