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Fake Drone News: What It Is, and How to Spot It

In the era of “fake news,” journalism is under more scrutiny than ever — and for good reason. Under the umbrella of fake news falls sensationalism, ex...

Watch a Blue Whale Swallow Millions of Swarming Krill in a Single Gulp

WARNING: This video might make you want to reach for a snack
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A New and Powerful Purpose for Drones

Learn how to gain access and expose your Drone business to over 12,000 electrical and energy professional and power your business forward.

Nailing the Narrative: 6 Movies and Scenes to Watch for Better Drone Films

Here’s some great news for all of you aspiring and current aerial filmmakers: Thanks to the commercial drone industry’s willingness to embrace rapid i...
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This Pilot Proves Drones Save Lives

At ASCEND, Garret Bryl will share lessons learned from integrating civilian drone pilots into public safety programs
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There’s a Lionfish-Capturing Drone on Kickstarter

And one of the rewards is a lionfish recipe book
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INTRASECT Annual Conference Invites Speakers and Presenters to Submit Proposals

INTRASECT takes place June 29-30 in Washington, DC
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Intel Drones Performed at Coachella

From Lady Gaga to The xx, Intel dominates live shows
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The Department of Transportation is Auditing the FAA

The Part 107 waiver approval process is under scrutiny
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A Beginner's Guide to Drone Racing

Tips from a pro on everything you need to start racing drones

Humans and Aliens Coexist in This Drone Music Video

Chillwave and extraterrestrials are a perfect mix