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Can You Legally Fly Drones Over Protests?

Large-scale protests are part of the political landscape in a way they haven’t been since the 1960s, and drones are an important but challenging part ...

Proposed U.K. Drone Law Charts a Familiar Path

Suggested regulations include registration and mandatory testing for recreational pilots

Inside the Numbers: Part 107 Waiver Denials

Which waiver applications don’t stand a chance?

New Survey: Who’s Buying Drones, Using Drone Software, and Why?

Survey will provide drone use and market trends in business and industry

DJI Mavic Pro

Extremely portable without skimping on the tech

CNN Receives First-Ever Part 107 Closed-Set Operations Waiver

The network continues to pave the way for drone journalism

Standing Your Ground, Part 2: Keeping it Classy Online

In my last post, I explored a common issue. Sometimes when you’re out flying a drone, you’ll get approached by a park ranger, police officer, or autho...

The Int-Ball Space Drone Flies Without Propellers

Did we mention that it’s seriously adorable?